Saturday, September 24, 2011

the latest

so...I've been thinking of writing a blog for awhile...and finally decided to just do it!  if anyone out there is interested in reading it, that's fab...but it's more of a journal for me to remember the highlights of my life.

so I guess the thing that's been consuming most of my time lately is my health.  Sitting here at my desk I am surrounded by doctor's referrals and a packet from San Diego Fertility Center.  Hmmm...turing 30 was rough...turning 32 has been really difficult! :)  Basically I have high blood pressure (finally on meds for it that are helping...YAY!) and that could be the cause of why I haven't been able to get pregnant.  This last week I've had multiple blood tests done and an MRI (which I hated) just to check and see how everything inside is working.  Hopefully I'll get all the results early next week.

I don't like to worry about the little details, and I know God is in control.  So thankful I can rest (or at least KNOW I can rest, even if I don't) in that promise.  And hopefully one day soon I'll be able to announce that I'm pregnant!

so this is kinda fun...I hope I remember to do it.  Now I gotta figure out how to add pics and make it look interesting! :)

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