Friday, October 14, 2011 I'm feeling like this is good news

So Steve, Claire, and I just got back from the fertility specialist.  Never having gone through something like this, I was a little nervous at what to expect.  All I really wanted was to leave with some answers and not just a "yes, there may be an issue, we'll set up an appointment to get you checked out."  Dr. Hummel was so friendly and easy to talk to.  Claire told him she wants a boy and a girl and he promised to help make that happen for her. :)

Anyway, when we left, we walked away with orders for 3 different tests that I will be getting done over the next 2 weeks.  Once those are done, I'll go back in to see if there's a problem and hopefully find out what it is.  The doctor said because I've been pregnant before, it will probably be something that will be easy to take care of, something routine that won't cost a lot of money or be very invasive.  Praise the Lord for that!  I'm finally feeling so encouraged about this whole baby I can finally get my hopes up for SOMETHING, whether that's a baby or just an answer as to if there's something wrong.  And I will keep my blog updated as we make progress. :)

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