Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Claire Goes to Preschool

We are praising God that Steve is getting busier with work, but have been wondering just how crazy and unpredictable his schedule will be.  We've done this whole crazy schedule thing before.  It was hard, but we really didn't know any other way, so it worked for us.  Well, now we have a 3 year old to consider in all of this...hmmm.  We wanted her to have something super consistent in her little life...don't get me wrong, we have consistent things in our lives, but it's A LOT of consistent things.  We wanted her to have her OWN consistent thing, so we prayed about the option of preschool.  I never went to preschool...was homeschooled until my freshman year of high school (I know...that explains a lot), so I had NO IDEA what to expect.  Anyway, we just really felt like this was what God wanted us to do, so I started researching.  Long story short, there was one opening in the 3's class at the preschool we wanted (HUGE answer to prayer), which means Claire's class is on the first floor of the kid's building of the church where I work, and my office is on the second floor!  I love how God works.  Yesterday was her first day, and she absolutely loved it.  We were the first to arrive, so she got to meet everyone as they entered.  When I was ready to leave to go to my office, I said, "Bye Claire.  I'm going to my office...I'll see you later."  She half way turned her head toward me, as she was busy putting purple clothes and face on Mrs. Potato Head, and said, "Bye Mom."  Ok, seriously?!? At least fake that you're sad to see me go!  When I picked her up she told me all about the toys she got to play with and the activities she did...her favorite being "eating aminal cookies for snack."  The worst part of her day was when the "bad guy boys" chased her and the other girls on the playground.  All I could think was, "welcome to the rest of your life!" :)  Another great thing is that Miss Jennifer, her teacher, is one of my regular Sunday volunteers that I just LOVE!!  Praise God for His perfect timing and perfect thankful!
Claire Bear and Miss Jennifer

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  1. I can't believe you didn't tell me she was starting school! I am so excited for her. And don't Kate would always walk into a class and barely look back. You want that. She is a little independent woman.


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