Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's Talk About Heaven

Claire: What are you looking at?
Me: The moon.
C: Isn't it so beautiful and sparkly.
M: Yes, do you know Who made the moon?
C: God.
M: That's right.
C: Where is God?
M: He's everywhere, we just can't see Him.  But He's always with us.  Do you know who God's Son is?
C: shakes head
M: Jesus.
C: Is Jesus going to be with us when we go to God?
M: Yep...won't that be so cool!
C: Well I don't want to take naps when we go there.
M: Ok, you won't have to.  It's going to be perfect in heaven, we'll never be sad or hurt.
C: What are you going to wear when we go to God?
M: I don't know, but I think God will have beautiful things for us to wear.
C: What will we do with God? 
M: I think we will sing and dance and worship God all the time.  Doesn't that sound fun?
C: Yea, I want to dance with you when we go to God.

Child-like faith...the most precious thing!

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