Saturday, February 9, 2013

this week I'm thankful...

I always have so much to be thankful for and I love writing it down....makes it more makes me more aware of what I'm truly thankful for and why.

This week I am REALLY thankful for health.  It seems like every week I find out about someone else who has cancer or is sick with a severe illness.  So very thankful that I'm healthy.  And Steve's healthy.  And so is Claire.

I'm also thankful for a new home to move into.  We're staying here in San Diego, but the home we're renting sold so we had to look for a new place.  Welp, we found one...after what seemed like months of looking...and we're all excited about it.

I'm thankful for my parents...for the example they've set as to what it means to be godly parents...for the way they live their lives serving the Lord...even when it's most difficult...for the way they love Claire and love spending time with her...for the way they faithfully pray for their kids and grandkid.

I'm thankful for my husband...and how hard he works.  I'm thankful for his passion for guns and ammo, for all things Apple, for Rush Limbaugh and all he's learned from him, and mostly for his passion for staging and lighting.

I'm so thankful for friends...especially the ones I've known for years.  I'm not one who has a lot of friends...and it takes time for me to make really good friends.  So I'm thankful for the really good friends I have...the ones where we've put in the years of good and bad, ups and downs.  I wish I could see these friends more often, but I'm glad I get to see 4 of them within 5 days...2 of them I get to have dinner with excited...and so thankful.

This week I'm so thankful I live in San snow, no weather below 40 degrees during the day, beautiful beaches just 15 minutes away....oh I love this city!

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  1. Okay, I need to move to San Diego! So jealous of your weather :)

  2. just found your blog...thanks for stopping by mine! :) beautiful post. i love grateful people :)

  3. Hey, just found your blog via the blog hop! We should follow each other.

    I too am thankful for my health and my husband!

  4. One of my favorite quotes is "What if you woke up tomorrow with all the things you thanked God for yesterday." Love your post. I am your newest GFC follower, and found you via 'I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop'. Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Angie G.

  5. It looks amazing in San Diego! I need a vacay! It's been super cold and snowy here recently. I keep dreaming of warmer days.

    New follower from the blog hop. Hope you can stop by my blog and follow me back.


  6. I grew up/lived in San Diego for 19 years! I miss it.

  7. Thanks for stopping my blog! Now following back :) I am right there with you on being thankful for health. This time last year I found out I had a tumor in my thyroid, and today I am so blessed to say I am healthy as can be!

  8. Those are some fantastic things to be thankful for. And I'm so jealous of your weather... Ohio is full of EVERYTHING! And the fun part... it sometimes does everything in one week. Oh the joys!

    I'm popping over from the GFC collective. Newest follower!


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