Monday, July 22, 2013

last week

I love the summer.  I love all the activities and clothes and food & drinks that go along with it...the beach, BBQ's, pool parties, tank tops, flip flops, ice tea...this is definitely my favorite season.

It's also my favorite because of my job.  Ministry is busiest (for me) during the summer...promotion, 5th grade send off, camp, Summer Blast (VBS)....oh yes...Summer Blast.  That is how my week was spent last week.  Well, actually the last 6 or 7 weeks have been spent on it....but last week we DID it.

1,500+ kids, 500+ volunteers, 5 days, 141 salvations (the best part), and $9,450 raised for our missionary.  It was a rad week.....

2:00am...6 hours before the kids begin to arrive...stage set
7:00am soundcheck...1 hour before the kids arrive
our staff
I mean...our crazy staff...we're all just big kids

missions time...our missionary of the week was our very own Danielle...a bittersweet time as we prepare to send her off to Kenya...tomorrow!!
we told the kids that if they could raise $8,000 for Danielle, Miss, Jane, Miss Danielle, and I would get SLIMED on Friday.
Claire worshiping with the early childhood kids.  She LOVED Summer Blast!
Glow Stick Simon Game in the Worship was awesome!!
slime prep....just in case the kids bring in the money!! :) they fact, well over $8,000...almost $9,500!!
I got slimed too!!


Seriously...I can't believe that after all that planning it's over.  BUT it was a fantastic week!!  God showed up...BIG TIME!!  Not that I doubted He would....but it's pretty miraculous to get to experience it first hand.

You can follow Danielle's journey to Kenya here .


  1. This looks like such a fun time!! I would have LOVED doing a glowstick theme activity at my church when I was a child. I would love to do it now lol!

    New subscriber :) Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Great job summarizing such a fun week! That seems like forever ago! Such great memories we have together! p.s- thanks for sharing my blog! I was wondering why my count was so high! :)


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