Monday, September 17, 2012

all grown up

for the last several days my girl has been asking to get her ears pierced.  her adorable little bff, Mary Lou, from preschool has hers pierced, so it's become all she could think about.  steve and i always said that we'd get them pierced when she asked for it...she asked, we delivered. yesterday we took her to claire's (how appropriate).  she was SO excited.  i kept telling her it would hurt, but not for long.  she jumped right up in the chair, picked out which ones she wanted, and waited patiently.  we had to wait for a second girl to come back from her break so we could have 2 people do the piercing at the same thankful we waited!!  she started to get a little nervous when they both were getting we held hands.  one...two...three...loud clicking sound...instant sad face and tears.  the nice lady (who just permanently scarred my daughter's ears) immediately gave her a pink lollipop, which she gladly sucked on through the crying and the tears.  i held her for a few minutes, let her pick out her first pair of earrings...hello kitty of course!...and left the store.  by the time we left, she was done crying....and super proud of her new bling!  i'm so glad that's over with!!


looking nervous
just before the tears

all better!!

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