Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday's Letters...again...on Saturday!

dear rascal flatts...thank you for coming to town so I could hang out with my friends.  I know it's sad that we don't get to see each other as often as we'd thank you for provided a fun, child-free, free-concert night that we could go to & just have a great time. ps...don't i have beautiful friends?!?

 dear red know i'm tired of wearing you, so thank you for looking so cute on claire...who actually begs to wear you!

dear claire's....thank you for piercing my daughter's ears...she loves her new earrings and i think she looks adorable...and a little too grown up.

dear parent's of 5th grade girls...thank you for entrusting your daugther's to me for 1.5 hours a week...i love my time with them and pray that the Lord uses me to help strengthen their relationships with Jesus during these next 12 weeks.

dear San Diego weather...i love you...please don't change.

dear claire...i love that we do our devotions together sometimes during the week.  it's so awesome to hear Bible stories from your perspective.  we have great conversations about them and i love watching you learn about Jesus at such a young age.

dear family...thank you for being so awesome!  i love that we all enjoy being together so much and have fun while doing it!  thanks, dad, for making an effort to get all of us together and coming up with a plan...even though the plan had to change half way through the night...i think it worked out better! 

yep...that's  my awesome momma showing her son's in law how it's done!


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