Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Letters

dear fellow mommy...thank you for the advice to keep a "bed" in our room for Claire.  it's perfect!  and she LOVES it!  now when she comes into our room in the middle of the night, i don't get hit in the head & kicked in the shins, i don't have to share my pillow & hang on to the edge for dear life.  this solution works for us...and i am truly grateful!

dear pottery barn kids catalog...thank you for making me wish i could buy everything in you!  even claire bear wanted to sit down and look at all your beautiful pages!

dear asher...thank you for reminding everyone how immature i am by making laugh so hard i cried with your armpit and leg fart noises.  oh my...can't wait to see you again!!

dear claire...thank you for being so creative!  i love the outfits you pick out...especially when we get to go out in public with them on!  i love seeing you imagination come through the clothes you pick out and the styles you want for your hair.  and i love all your silliness!

dear sister...thank you for always keeping me stylish with my cute haircuts...that's the only stylish thing about thanks for ALL your hard work!  plus, it's just extra time we get to hang out and talk!

dear husband...thank you for being so awesome!  i love you and couldn't think of a better person to go through this crazy life with!  thank you for loving me the way you do.


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