Sunday, September 30, 2012


so much to be thankful for from this last month....

*for a fun date afternoon/night with steve in LA to see Mary Poppins
*for a good result from my leg is only bruised, no fracture!  and finally, most of the pain is going away.
*for a great first month of preschool for Claire.  the other day we were talking about her teacher and she said, "i like her now."  thank you Lord...i mean, i knew she eventually was just that i didn't think anyone could ever measure up to miss jennifer.

*for a ministry like compassion international that has given our family the opportunity to sponsor a little girl in ethiopia...happy birthday sidise!
*for the things the Lord has been doing in my heart this last month.  i have so much peace.  i didn't get to this place alone...truly it was the Lord...and i'm thankful i recognize that and am continuing to seek after it.
*for my job...a place to minister to kids and families...a place to lead a Bible study for 5th grade girls on a weekly basis...definitely a highlight each week.

*for my amazing, dad, sisters, brothers, in-laws, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...i could go on and on...i am SO incredibly grateful that the Lord chose me to be apart of this family...i love everyone so much.  and one of the things i love most is that we love to be together...amazing.


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  1. Amy what a lovely list of thankfuls. I have a special place in my heart for 5th grade girls (since I have one!!) and so I'm very grateful for mommies like you who are ministering to them, during this tricky pre-teen stage. And the chance to see Mary Poppins! We saw it here too. I truly love any chance to go to the theater. I hope you had a great time! And thanks so much for linking up!!


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