Friday, October 19, 2012

{thankful} for my man

This week, I'm extra super thankful for my husband...for several reasons.  A lot of you know that we have been trying for baby #2 for over 3 years now.  Well, we FINALLY found out that the problem might not be completely with me, but with both of us.  Several years ago, Steve had a back injury and now has several herniated disks in his back and neck.  He gets several shots every 4 weeks of steroids to help with the pain so he doesn't have to take any painkillers.  THANK the LORD for an alternative!!  Anyway, our doctor and the main management doc wanted him to try not getting the shots to see if that helps our infertility issues.  Which means Steve is in A LOT of pain.  Like pain I can't even understand...all.the.time.pain.  I am so thankful that he loves our family enough to do this...and not complain.  Seriously, the only time he says anything about it is at night...after a long day of working with no relief...when his head hits the pillow, he lets out a long sigh of relief...still not even complaining.  I am so thankful for that kind of love and sacrifice.

I am also thankful for my husband's smartness.  When it comes to technology...any kind of technology...he just gets it.  This weekend at church, we are having a band come and lead our 3 weekend services for the kids, and I'm in charge (I'm the elementary director for children's ministry at our church).  Sounds so great...I can get a hotel room, meals planned, schedule worked out for a band for the weekend...but I have NO IDEA what kind of needs they have to actually perform.  That's where my awesome husband steps in.  He's been contacting the band for me and getting it all sorted I can go back to getting a hotel room, meal planning, and schedule planning for the band to come.  I seriously had no idea how much my husband would be able to help me with this...and complaining....just jumping in to serve however he can.

My man also loves helping me with my crazy projects.  He doesn't have a lot of time to do them...but he does...without complaining.  I always say, "we should do this or that," and what I really mean is, "you," he does...and I love him for it.

This week I am extra thankful for my amazing husband who is not a complainer, but such a servant...I want to be more like him in that area...always giving to others, never expecting anything in return....always willing to help wherever needed.  I am blessed.

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