Friday, October 12, 2012

::the pumkin patch::

 That's where we went today...Oma's Pumpkin Patch.  We went with Claire's preschool and had so much fun (except for the melt-down at the end!!). It's such a great pumkin's actually a dairy farm, so we got to go on a hay ride through all the cows...super stinky, but fun.  There was a hay bale maze, a petting zoo, a huge playground, and coffee for the moms.  Claire got to spend the morning with all her friends, and I got to hang out with their mommies...a win-win for everyone!I love this time of year, and so glad I get to do the things I love with my cute lil Pumkin.



  1. Hey Amy! It's Stacy, your secret squirrel swap partner! ;-) Love your blog & it looks like your little girl had a blast. It looks like our daughter's are about the same age. We hope to go to the pumpkin patch this week too sometime. So happy to have made a new blog friend! Talk to ya soon! ~Stacy

  2. going to the pumpkin patch was one of my favorite things in preschool!!


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