Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Journey Update

I haven't written about this in awhile...and there are some changes in our journey.  The last thing I shared was that if I'm not pregnant by the beginning of next year, we would start the process of adoption.  Well...that's still true...mostly.....

Each time we went to the specialist, they gave me a list of tests to get done.  Simple tests...mostly drawing blood. simple, yet SO DIFFICULT!  The difficult part is getting insurance to approve it.  The other difficult part is getting the specialist to refer me to someone in my medical group.  I doesn't seem like rocket science, but apparently it is!

So...last time we were there, they told us that basically our only option was IVF, which we decided right away isn't an option for us.  So we asked...what about Steve??  Everything ok with him??...more tests...more dealing with insurance and medical groups...more stress....more questioning God...more frustration & disappointment.

For one of Steve's tests, he had to get a referral from our primary care doc....whom we LOVE!  He was actually excited to go see her & hang out...that's what she does with patients, it's awesome.  She started asking him questions...taking notes...researching...even called us a few days later with some potential answers.  Seriously....SHE called us...not her nurse or front desk lady.  Finally...some encouragement.  We felt important, our issue felt significant...she was legitimately trying to help.  I'm so thankful...and hopeful...and grateful for my husband....

For those of you who don't know, Steve has several herniated disks in his neck and back.  He sees a pain management specialist to help with the constant pain.  Just in case the shots he gets once a month have anything to do with affecting our fertility, he's stopped getting them and gets something else that doesn't even come close to touching the pain.  He never complains about the pain though, in fact, he's been amazing.  I keep telling him that if it's too much to bear, get the regular shot and we'll figure something else out.  He's so determined...I can wait to see how God honors his steadfastness and determination.

We know God is still in control and each day we rely on Him to guide and direct our steps.  I never thought it would be at least 3 years and 2 months of trying to have another baby, but I'm thankful for this journey.  I hope we never have to go through it again.  My heart hurts for those who've also gone down this road.  But I know God has greater plans for us than we could ever even imagine.  Just can't wait to see what those plans are!   

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