Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Happy Day Project...Day 2

Yesterday we did Wednesday's project....water.  Yesterday was I kinda took the easy way out!  I went online and through Compassion International, I donated money to help build a reservoir for families that don't have access to clean water.

This is close to my heart because of the ministry my family does in Ecuador each year.  In 2006, I had to opportunity to GO with my parents, an aunt, uncle, many others, into the Amazon Rainforest and tangibly share the love of Christ with the people.  We worked in the schools, had a medical set-up, a dentist, an eye-glass clinic, a vet....and a team of strong men building water purifiers.   It rains every day in the rain these purifiers collect the rain and purify the water.  Then the families from the village can come collect water there instead of in the river, where the animals bathe, dishes are washed, humans bathe, etc.  I realized on that trip how important clean water is for people, so hopefully our little donation can help one family be more healthy.

calm river at sunset

look how dirty the water is!!

Mom & me making eye glasses

our transportation for the week

I think they were looking for gold

a rainforest neighborhood

life rearranged

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