Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Happy Day Project

I heard about The Happy Day project on this blog and knew it was something I wanted our family to be a part of.  It's set up to do some sort of giving project each day with your family:

It's Wednesday and we're just getting started...that's ok though...we'll finish next week.  Yesterday's project (Tuesday) was to do a gift card for the homeless.  We already sponsor a little girl in Ethiopia through Compassion International, my Dad is actually in Ethiopia right now sharing the gospel with widows, Muslims, and the poor.  We talk about Ethiopia a lot in this family.  We pray for Ethiopia a lot in this family.  And we just received the Compassion International Gift Catalog in the mail the other day and Claire has already looked through it several times.  So we started talking about the kids in the pictures and talking about their needs.  She is such a "processor"...had to think through it for awhile...then asked how they could get "healthy."  So I asked her if if we should help some kids and she excitedly said YES!!  We looked at the catalog and the picture she pointed to was the kid representing malaria.  I explained to her a little about malaria then we went online and purchased malaria protection for several kids in Ethiopia.  

So we didn't exactly help the homeless...although I know there are a lot of homeless orphans in Ethiopia and a lot of Africa.  But it was so cool to open Claire's eyes just a little more to the needs of kids around the world.  Now she knows one more thing to pray about.

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  1. I so love this idea! So many great little prompts! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!

    Happy Thursday to you!


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