Monday, December 31, 2012

December thanks{living}

What a month.  I loved every minute of it.  And I'm thankful for the memories, opportunities, people, and experiences...

...I'm thankful for my job.  Since I have to work right now, I'm so glad I get to minister to kids and their families each week.  December was a super hectic month, as far as ministry goes...but it was so fun.
my office...I share it with's the evidence that December was hectic...boxes everywhere!!
 ...I'm thankful for my sister and that we were able to celebrate her life at the beginning of the month with a Wine & Canvas night.  And yes, we're dressed like twins...not intentionally, but it works since people are always asking us if we are.

...I'm so thankful for friends and new traditions with them...Christmas Eve Eve with the BeMents & Caudills was a big hit this year.

...thankful that my baby sis is also my sis-in-law.  It took Christmas to a whole new level for us this year...good thing we love each other!!

...I'm so thankful God opened the door for Claire to go to a Christian preschool the last 2 years.  She's thriving and loves being there 2 days a week with her friends.  She learning about Jesus, how to share, write her name, count to 30, write the letters of the alphabet, use scissors, and become a better friend.  
Singing Mary Rocked Her Baby Boy with Madison, her BF.

...I am so SO SOOO thankful for my amazing family.  People who love Jesus, serve others, help each other, love unconditionally, and have helped train up my child.  To get to spend so much time together this season means the world to me.  I feel so very grateful and blessed to have them all as my family.

For all these things, I am thankful.  Thank you Lord for an amazing 2012...looking forward to ALL YOU have for us in 2013!!


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  1. so much to be thankful for. :)
    we are truly blessed!
    looks like you had a wonderful Christmas full of great memories.
    i am thankful for your friendship!
    God is so good to bring people together like that.


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