Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Family Day

So we're all moved and mostly settled.  On Friday Steve & I were talking about how we've been spending our time...unpacking, organizing, breaking down boxes, etc...and realized Claire wasn't mentioned in any of that.  Feeling a little guilty, but mostly just in need of some quality family time, we decided that Monday was our day...or Claire's day...to choose our schedule and we'd do whatever she wanted.

4 year olds sure know how to make an awesome family day schedule::
  • swimming naked in the morning...this was an activity JUST FOR CLAIRE!!  I got to lay by the pool in the warm sunshine and read!  
  • Build-a-Bear
  • Pet Store
  • ChuckECheese
 ...last time we went to B-a-B, Claire saw a Hello Kitty stuffed animal so when we told her she could pick the Family Day schedule, the first thing she said was, "I want to go to Build-a-Bear and get Hello Kitty!!"  She's been saving her allowance for awhile now, so we told her she could spend it on that if she'd like.  Clearly she agreed!

 ...before we went to Chucks, we stopped by the pet store...and oh.my.word...all of us wanted to walk out of there with a new puppy.  We held and pet as many as they'd let us.  Claire wanted the tiniest little dog...but he resembled Jack a little too much...anyone remember that little beast?!?

 ...so gross, but I guess if you're 4.5 years old, it's awesome!  I think she'd forgotten about Chuck's, but when she dumped her allowance out of her piggy bank to get her Hello Kitty money, she found like 10 ChuckE coins...ok, we'll go...and I'll challenge Daddy to some ski-ball!!

 So I didn't beat Steve in ski-ball...but for those of you who've seen my man shoot hoops, you know he didn't stand a chance to beat me in Street Hoops...and yes...I hold the current HIGH SCORE of 151 points at ChuckECheese in Escondido...pretty proud of that!! 


  1. What a fun family day! It is so hard to walk out of a pet shop without taking a little one home, isn't it? :)

  2. What a great day she planned! Hysterical about the nudie swimming to start her day!

    My son would pick Check E Cheese as well ... he doesn't know about Build A Bear yet.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could've scheduled a whole day when I was a kid :)

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a Liebster award! Feel free to check out more details on my "Lieb What?!" post, but no pressure :)

  4. I'm always a fan of kid directed family days. It gives you a glimpse into their minds. And parents who go along...even better!
    I'm stoppin by from the Mommy Moments linkup.



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