Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Weekend,  Thank you for being so relaxing and fun for us.  We loved watching Christmas movies all day Saturday!

Dear Mickey, Thank you for making my girls day.  And you look super cute in your sweater and Santa hat!

 Dear Claire, Stop growing up!!  Seriously, 3 teeth in 5 days??  Nothing like the constant reminders that you're not going to stay little.

Dear Mistletoe, Thank you for making Christmas such a magical time of year for my girl.  I'm dreading you leaving in a few days!

Dear Sister, Thank you for going to see the cutest movie with us!  We always love spending time with you.

Dear Students, Thank you for getting me awesome gifts!

 Dear Christmas Break,  Thank you for finally arriving.  But PLEASE, go slow.

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  1. time.out. one of your students got you a tori spelling book?? that's all kinds of funny!!! LOVE IT!

    1. I know!! I said the same thing. My co-teacher said maybe they think I look like her?!


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