Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So I thought it would be fun to do a "Top 10" of my favorites from 2013.  I went through all my photos from last year, & I seriously could do a Top 20!  But I thoughtfully narrowed it down to 10. 

Ok...so #10...would have to be reconnecting with my girlfriends from high school.  We proudly represent the class of 1997.  Part way through 2013 we got together & decided to make it a habit.  We seriously have so much fun....4 girls with completely different lives, beliefs, perspectives, relationships, family situations, jobs, hobbies, habits. 

But we all serve one God.  That's what keeps our hearts connected.  

That and the fact that we all have some high school dirt on each other.  Nothing worse than that!!  It does provide a lot of good laughs though.

Unlike Leah, I love these girls enough to NOT put up high school pics.  Oh my...we thought we were the coolest...but now we know we've arrived. ;)

Plus, I have no idea where my high school pics are...hallelujah!

I'm so thankful for this group...and each of these individuals.  There's just something about a friend who's known you for 17 years...including those awful high school years!  We've seen each other at our best & worst, and still choose to love & like each other.  I'm so thankful the Lord kept these ladies in my life...looking forward to seeing what the next 17 years brings!

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