Saturday, January 25, 2014


I've made a list of my Top 10 favorite memories from 2013, & my number 6 goes well beyond just one memory and one year.  It is something I'm still experiencing weekly.

At the beginning of 2013, I told the Lord I wanted to be READY for any and all things He was going to do in my life that year.  At the beginning of the year, I had a very specific list of things I told Him I was ready for.  But as the year went on, I began to see ways He wanted me to be ready...ways I was not completely prepared for.

One thing we began to pray about last February was what school(s) should we consider for Claire.  There are so many options here in San Diego...our neighborhood school, Christian school, home school, home school part-time go to school part-time, charter was a bit overwhelming.  As I began to research, I started to realize that if I continue my job in full-time church ministry, I would be on a completely different schedule than Claire!  I'd be working on the weekends when she'd be off from school.  Summers were always a hectic time in children's ministry, which is when Claire would be home from school.

Steve & I began to pray harder about what we should do.  There's a part of me that would love to stay home & home school, but I knew we weren't ready for that.  Teaching was something I had done for 4 years before Claire was born & I'd always said I'd love to go back to it when all our kids were school age.  Well, since we haven't been able to have any more kids, I decided to start looking into going back to teaching.

Long story short, I got hired at the school where I'd previously taught, Literacy First Charter School, annnndddd...Claire got into one of the kindergarten classes!  Her teacher, Mrs. Todd, and I used to teach 3rd grade together for 3 years and I've always just LOVED her!

I am so overwhelmed with God's goodness to our family in this way.  I never take for granted the fact that I get to be on the same campus as Claire every day and be home with her on her days off.  With Steve's schedule always different and changing, this is our constant.

I love that Claire comes to my classroom during her breaks and that my students know her..."Hi Claire!" they all say when she comes in.  She pretends to be embarrassed, but loves the attention from the big kids!  Her classroom is the next hallway over from mine, when she goes to after school care, she's 2 doors down from my classroom.  I've been able to watch her grow and develop her friendship and I'm so proud of the friend choices she's making.  She's become so confident in who she is as a person, and I've been able to watch it all first hand!

I don't know how long the Lord will keep us in this place, but for now it's good.  And I'm so grateful.

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