Saturday, January 12, 2013

just some thoughts

This week has been kinda hard.  So many great things are I think satan is trying to get some discouragement in to bring me down.   LAME!

First of all...we are planning 3 weeks of Stewardship lessons at church for the kids.  They are going to be awesome...we're talking all about how to be a Guardian of THE Truth.  But of course, there have been bumps along the way...plans have changed...ideas have not worked it's been a week of having to be flexible & working LONG hours.  The first lesson begins tonight...and I'm already SO tired.  I kinda have a knot in my stomach...wondering how it will all some together...will the kids catch the lesson...will parents encourage these ideas and lessons at home...

It's going to be awesome, though.  God is faithful.

A lot of you know it's been a tough few years of "lack of work" for Steve.  We've been praying for a long time for consistent work.  And it's starting to happen...God is bringing amazing opportunities to Steve.  It's still not as consistent as we want it to be...but we're trusting God's timing in it all.

That being said...Steve has an amazing opportunity to go to Washington DC on Monday for 10 days and be apart of the production team for several of the inaugural festivities, including the inauguration....we know...awesome opportunity, too bad it's not for someone else!!  Oh well...we're thankful in spite of it all!! 

But...we're supposed to leave tomorrow for a 7 day cruise to Mexico with the Caudills...our Christmas present!  So he doesn't get to go.

But...our cruise got delayed a day because of something they're fixing on the ship...really?!?

But, I guess it's good it's delayed a day because Claire has a 101.8 fever.  Seriously...this has been the weirdest 48 hours of my many highs mixed with lows.  Not all all how I'd plan it, but God is so faithful.  Trusting Him...knowing His plan is always better than out own.  I know we'll look back on all of this in 12 days and totally see God in all of it.

 my poor girl :(


  1. Oh my! So many highs & lows! So glad your got to go on the cruise & Claire is feeling better! So happy about the opportunity for your husband too! Keep us posted! Can't wait to see pics from the trip! :-)

  2. Your faith and determination shine through your post! :) It is awesome that when life gets discouraging or satan tries to bring us down, that we have a faithful and loving God to lean on and trust!! Hoping your little one feels better soon and that you get to enjoy a fabulous cruise! :) Have a blessed day!!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of chain reactions - one thing leading to another! How did it all turn out?


    1. Everything turned out fine. Claire was feeling good on the cruise...had a little relapse when we got home, but we're all healthy now!! Steve's work trip to DC was incredible. So many awesome opportunities for him and incredible people for him to meet in his industry. He's flying home today!! YAY!! :) Thanks for asking.


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