Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Gramma...thanks for letting us stay at your house last week before we could move into our new home.  Your home will always be more home to me than anywhere else I could ever live.

Dear High School Friends...I love that we still  hang out, laugh, and have so much fun celebrating each other even 16 years after graduation.  I love you all.
 Dear Pauma Valley...thank you for being so beautiful.  I love driving to you to go to my family's farm.  You've been so good to 5 generations of us and I'm grateful.

 Dear are an awesome baseball player...although we knew you would be from the time you were about 1 year old. 

Dear Cousins...thank you for getting along so well.  I love watching you all hang out together.

Dear Del Mar/Pacifica Cafe...thanks for the amazing views and gorgeous weather.  My sis and I had fun catching up in your sunshine and the food was amazing too.  I'll be back soon.

Dear Mom...I'm so thankful for the way you do ministry with Dad.  I know there have been some tough years, but overall, the fruit of your labor and sacrifices have changed many lives for Jesus.  I'm so proud that you're my Mom and am praying for you right now while you're on your way to Ecuador.  Thank you for loving me and my little family the way you do.

Dear Katie...I know I was your third choice since Dad was busy and your hubs was out of town, but thanks for choosing me to be the one to take you to purchase your first car!!  It's super cute...and you didn't even stall!!  You've wanted Pippa for 3 years now and I'm so glad you finally got her!!

Dear New Home...I did not enjoy the process of moving into you, but each day as we get more and more settled, I like you more...I may even start to love you soon.  

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  1. Ooh! Congratulations on the move! :)

    I also have a few high school friends who I love and hang out with - how awesome is that?!

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    1. Sorry, the link should be

  3. Your blog is cute! You are so lucky that your high school friends have remained close! That is a special bond to share :-)

    Happy Friday!

  4. I don't talk to anyone from high school in person, just on FB anymore. Unfortunately I don't even live near any of my high school friends. But, my 20 year reunion is this summer ... oh boy :/

    Love your sisters (??) car! My hubs had a Mini Cooper, what a fun car that was! He did finally sell it when Little C was 1, and he tried to get a carseat in the back. It wasn't happening! So he took my car and I got a brand new one, teehee! Anyway ... love the Mini, sorta miss ours!

  5. Hello
    I'm visiting from the hop. Great blog. I'm now your follower and I'll visit often. Hope you will visit my blog and want to follow back.


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