Sunday, October 6, 2013

family time

I started writing this 3 weeks ago...
I woke up this morning with a very full heart.  Now that I'm back to classroom teaching, I try to use my weekends wisely...doing things that NEED to be done and also things that I know I will truly enjoy.  This weekend fulfilled both those requirements.

I've always been big into spending time with my family.  I think we all feel that way about each other.  Especially my Mom's side of the family.  There aren't many of us...I think 21 of us total...but we all love each other and being together.  Like we spend every birthday and holiday together.  Not because we have to, but truly because we want to.
Claire, a chick, & Dawson at Aunt Jan's Bday celebration
I know it's hard to see...Claire, Asher, & Dawson losing their minds in Tim & Leah's front yard!

My Dad's family lives in Florida.  Honestly, we've never been very close to them and lately that's started to make me sad.  My cousin (who I hadn't seen in 25 years), his wife, and son came through San Diego this weekend and so we had made plans to have dinner together.
l-r: Holly, me, Katie, Mom, Dad, Claire, Steve, Drew, Joy, Chip, & Lincoln...Chris took the pic
Lincoln & Claire meeting for the first time.
After dinner, my heart felt a little heavy and guilty that we hadn't made an effort to spend more time with this side of our family.  My sister and I had already had plans to go wine tasting together on Sunday afternoon, so we decided to invite my cousin, Chip, and his wife, Joy to join us.  Steve volunteered to stay home and hang out with Claire and Lincoln (husband of the year!!).  Seriously... we had the best time!  It was so easy and natural and FUN!  Which honestly kinda made me feel more why haven't we done this sooner?!?

When we got back to our house, Lincoln ran out and told his mom, "I wish Claire was my sister.  She's so cool because she jumps on the trampoline, goes down the slide in the pool, jumps off the rocks into the pool, and even wrestles with me!"  The BEST!
And now the cousins after spending a day together...SO cute!!
Fast forward 3 weeks MIL's niece, her husband, and daughter, Olivia just left after being with us for a week.
Claire & sweet!!

Seriously...I love that Claire is learning at such a young age about all her extended family and how important family is!  I feel so blessed to have a majority of family within a 45 minute drive.  But I love that we've had opportunities to see our family members who are spread across the US....we are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. We ate at that restaurant after our wedding with our family! Looks like you had some wonderful family time <3


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