Sunday, October 13, 2013

she really is a BIG girl now

Last Sunday for lunch I made Claire a pb&h sandwich.  A few bites in, she exclaimed, "Ow...this sandwich made my tooth loose!"  Sure enough, a loose tooth.  For the next few days she wiggled and wiggled that darn tooth...mostly she just wanted the Tooth Fairy to bless us with her presence.

Then on Thursday, as I was bringing my students in from lunch at school, she came running down the hall, " TOOTH!!"  Sure enough, a big ole gap where her perfect little baby tooth had been.  I was so happy for her...she was SO excited!

That night, we were tucking her little tooth under her pillow and it hot me....she's not so little anymore.  She's growing up quicker than I had ever imagined she would.  Looking at that little tooth (not attached to her head anymore) made me realize that all the "littles" in her life are quickly coming to an end.  Her little girl toys, her little girl way of saying words (YoSomebody=Yosemite), her little girl way of needing me for so many things, her little girl clothes, and her little girl imagination.  It hit me hard that night...brought big girl tears to Momma's eyes.

She's growing fast...too fast... and I can't slow it down any.  I'm learning to embrace it all, and enjoy every sweet little moment so that somewhere in my heart she'll always be my little girl.

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