Monday, November 11, 2013

we went to Florida

Claire & I had the last week of October off from we planned a trip to Florida to see our family.  My cousin's son & Claire totally hit it off when they met in September, so we wanted to go see him again and give the kids another opportunity to spend time together.  It was fantastic.  Claire & Lincoln truly love each other and I'm so thankful we took this opportunity to GO!

We went to "Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween Party" at Disney World.  I haven't been to DW since I was 9, so I loved that we were able to take Claire there.  We have Disneyland passes, but it was fun to compare the her it was all the same!  

We went on Space Mountain 3 times...Claire braved it with us the last 2 times...that's my girl!
Autopia...old's been updated at DL, but it was fun to ride the vintage, original ride.

2 minutes before this pic, she was literally melting...this ride gave her the second wind she needed!

Daddy & Rapunzel

waiting for the parade....another meltdown in the works

Cinderella's castle...and fun Halloween fireworks show
 Claire's been into mermaids lately, so when we decided to go to Florida, I knew we HAD to take her to Weeki Wachee to see the real mermaids!  My sis Holly & I LOVED this show when we were kids. 

highlight of the trip...
we went and saw Despicable Me 2 at the $1 theater...I wish we had one here in SD!!

hubby got to go wakeboarding 2 different times at the OWC.  I seriously wish we had a cable park in San Diego...this would make Steve's life complete!
we got to pick Lincoln up at school one day...obviously Claire was excited about that!
 Halloween...with a cute ladybug and Ross Lynch.

 We had the best time...and when we got home, we got the news that Lincoln and his parents would be spending Christmas and New Year's with us this year!  We're all so excited.

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