Monday, January 27, 2014

Update: Aunt Na

Our family is so overwhelmed and blessed by all of your prayers, texts, Facebook messages, tweets, Instagram comments, visits, calls...but mostly your prayers.  We believe there are hundreds of people praying across the US and around the world.  And for those of us who know the Lord, we know how powerful prayer is.

Several of us gathered yesterday at my grandparents house to #prayforna and of course talk about all the things we love about her.  Gramma told us the story of when she asked Jesus in her heart when she was just a little girl...listening to my Grampa play "Jesus Loves Me" on the pipe organ in their home.

My Dad commented on how our perspective through these last few days is so different from the world's because we (our family) know Jesus, because we've trusted Him for salvation, and because we ultimately know that someday we'll be with Him forever in heaven.  He said something to the effect of, "Why would we wish upon a star when we trust the Creator of them?"

I have to say that all of that doesn't make this situation easy.  Of course if we could take it all away we would.  But we know that Aunt Na's life is in the Lord's hands.  She's trusted Him for salvation.  And so we know that if He did take her, it wouldn't be goodbye, just see ya later...or ta-ta, as Aunt Na would say.

And then our family prayed together.  We prayed ultimately for healing, but also that the Lord would be glorified through all of this.

And we know that He already has.  On Saturday night after the accident, the high school youth group Aunt Na was snowboarding in Tahoe with went ahead with their pre-planned worship meeting.  This is the awesome part...6 kids prayed to receive Christ and were baptized immediately!  Amazing!  I can't wait for Aunt Na to wake up and hear that.  She's going to be stoked.

My Mom, Uncle Warren, Aunt Jan, Aunt Janet, and now sis, Katie are all at the hospital with Aunt Na.  I talked to my Mom for awhile today and she said they're all encouraged today.  Aunt Na was yawning a lot, squeezed the hand of the nurse, and when Aunt Jan asked her to blink her eyes, she did (with them closed)!!  She's moving the right side of her body a lot more than the left, but the neurologist said that goes along with where the injury is in her brain.  And so we're hopeful, she's going to wake up soon.

And we're Hope-Full.  That the Lord's good, pleasing, and perfect will is being played out in all of our lives.

Please continue to pray!  We know you are and will continue, and we thank you in advance.  Here are some things you can specifically pray for:
*Aunt Na to wake up!
*Complete healing of her brain
*My grandparents.  It's so hard for them to not be at the hospital with her.  They need a lot of peace and comfort.
*My mom.  I know it's so hard for her to see her baby sister like this.  I can't imagine.
*Uncle Warren.  He's the decision-maker for Aunt Na's care in the hospital.  For wisdom and strength.
*Aunt Janet.  She needs wisdom to know how long to stay at the hospital.  She's a teacher and is missing school this week.  Pray for peace when she makes her decision.
*Aunt Jan & Katie.  To have strength to continue to be an encouragement to the family at the hospital.
*The rest of the family who's not at the hospital, that we can just keep life as normal as possible at home for the family while they're away.
*The 6 kids who prayed to receive Christ.  That they would be surrounded by strong Christians to come along-side them, to encourage and disciple them.
*For those who's hearts are being stirred by this event.  That they would see that Jesus is the Ultimate Healer, Life-Giver, and Way to Eternal Life.  That many more would give their lives to Christ because of the testimony of Na.

John 15:16

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  1. Thinking about you guys all the time and joining in the prayer storm on heaven's gates for Aunt Na! <3


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