Friday, February 7, 2014

intentional living || february

I've never been a big goal setter.  I more make to-do lists of things to accomplish day to day, week to week, things I need to get done at home, at school, groceries, vacation planning, etc.  But in wanting to be more intentional in 2014, I've been trying to make monthly goals for myself.  This mostly came from the idea of wanting to be more physically healthy, but overall, I want to be mentally, spiritually, & emotionally healthy.  It started out of selfish motivation, but after a lot of prayer (& some research), it's become more about my role as wife, mommy, friend, daughter, sister, teacher, co-worker....

I follow Bre from Peacoats & Plaid, & at the beginning of this year she talked about a link-up she was starting called The Intentional Life Project ...ummmm...hello!! could I NOT be apart of this??  It's completely INTENTIONAL & there would definitely be some accountability. Win/win.

The theme for the February link-up is health, which of course could mean a lot of different things.  For me, I need to be healthy myself so I can be healthy for others.  My goals this month aren't anything crazy, but they're what I need for myself right now.  Baby steps.  Next month I can be a little more intense if I want to, or I can re-do what I didn't accomplish this month.  Awesome.

So my goals for this month are:
*go to bed by 9:30p on school nights
*READ more...less TV
*exercise at least 3X/week

February 1-3 I spent visiting my Aunt Na in the hospital, so I wasn't off to a great start.  But I came home & got busy...I mean kinda.  Going to bed by 9:30p isn't really "getting busy."  It's made a big difference in how I feel in the mornings though.  When my alarm goes off at 5:00a, I only push snooze once or twice....rather than 4 times! :)  I REALLY want to get to the point where I jump out of bed at that time & go work out!  Even if it's just for 15 minutes...just DO IT!  And I know that if...I mean WHEN...I do, it will be easier to get up at 5:00a...vicious cycle, I tell you!

As for my reading goal...I've been doing that the most consistently of all my goals.  However, the Olympics started last there may be more tv watching in the next couple weeks than reading.  Oh win some, you lose some!

I'm excited for a more intentional year...
LOVE.  Live from intention not habit.  Everyday set your intentions for what you want to make out of that day and go forth like the superhero you are! :)  #intention  #inspirationalquote  #love
The Intentional Life Project


  1. love love love u

  2. THIS is why the Intentional Life Project is so awesome! You are going to do brilliantly - and I am so happy you linked up with us! (And, now you have a new favorite follower - me!)

  3. Good luck with your goals! Reading more is a great idea and something I want to do more of too!

  4. love these....also, I almost threw up at the whole getting up at 5 am....yuck...I am sooooooo not a morning person lol....but I also don't go to bed before 11pm. Off to read more of your lovely blog!


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